SOX Signing Solutions is a national signing service that’s been in business for over a decade

Posted by - Admin / September 4th, 2009

People who work for mortgage companies know that closing the deal is the most important part of their business. However, they also realize that every minute that goes by without a signed agreement is an opportunity for their clients to go to a competitor.

And it’s not just mortgage companies that live with this kind of stress either. Virtually anyone who has relied on a signed document for some important aspect of their lives know how hard it can be wondering if it got signed and when it will arrive.

A person can sit on pins and needles for months at a time waiting, but if you want to put your mind at rest, you should consider having the professionals at SOX handle the document signings.

SOX Signing Solutions is a national signing service that’s been in business for over a decade. SOX keeps a vast database of skilled notaries and attorneys, which means they can get signings done anytime, anywhere across the United States. In fact, SOX Signing Solutions has such a large number of notaries and attorneys at their disposal that they can guarantee a signing anywhere in the nation.

SOX also ensures that they’re able to meet all of their client’s signing needs from scheduling, quality control, problem solving, post-signing documents tracking and real-time status reporting. Clients are even free to customize the services they get in order to meet their specific needs. The SOX service is available online, or if the client wishes, a SOX employee can be placed on-site to manage your business.

The number-one priority of SOX Signing Solutions is to get your documents signed correctly and back into your hands either the same day or overnight. SOX is able to guarantee that level of service by utilizing:

  • Online ordering, tracking, status and reporting
  • Signings anywhere in the US
  • Signings on weekends, evenings and holidays
  • Quick placement of all orders
  • Extensive quality control reports
  • Client-specific signing agent training programs

It doesn’t matter what type of documents you need signed or where in the US they need to come from. SOX Signing Solutions can get it done and have the papers to you either the same day or overnight. No more waiting around wondering.

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